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Nuestro Futuro Scholarship Program

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Message From the President

Dear Latino Leadership Alliance Friends and Supporters:

Your commitment to the power of education is unwavering. Without you, we would not be able to award these scholarships. This year, in partnership with local colleges and universities, we will be awarding forty-nine (49) scholarships, totaling seventy-four ($69,500) dollars, to an exemplary group of promising young scholars.

Education is power. Education can move mountains. Education can take you to unimaginable heights. To all our scholarship recipients, your time is now. Schooling is hard – life is even harder. You have all demonstrated leadership qualities through hard work, perseverance, strength and fulfillment of goals. Today’s scholarship is the first of many keys that will open countless doors of opportunity. I wish you continued success in all your future endeavors.

Thank you dear sponsors, donors and volunteers for giving these young people the possibility to soar. Their continued success is your legacy. And, the legacy of the Latino Leadership Alliance of the Lehigh Valley. Thank you for supporting us in fulfilling our mission of strengthening the Latino community through leadership development, education and advocacy. It really does take a village.

It is a pleasure, a privilege and an honor to share this moment with you.

Respectfully yours,

Myra D. Piña

April 2021

Nuestro Futuro Scholarship Program is now open. Submission deadline date is June 04, 2021.

Download the application here: LLA-ScholarshipApplication_2021

Please remember to complete your FAFSA Application as well.

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