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The Latino Leadership Alliance of the Lehigh Valley accomplishes its mission of strengthening the Latino community  through its committees.  Each committee has a specific scope of work to contribute to the overall success of the LLALV.

The Education Committee contributes to the educational development of the community by:

a. Promoting existing educational programs;
b. Awarding scholarships; and
c. Recognizing the accomplishments of Latino students.

The Health Committee promotes healthy communities through:

a. Health awareness;
b. Health careers for Latinos; and
c. Culturally and linguistically appropriate services.

The Leadership Committee develops leadership by:

a. Preparing leaders that will assume the mission of the LLA; and
b. Providing leadership for the community.

The Public Relations Committee promotes the LLALV by:

a. Creating a positive public image of the organization;
b. Motivating members to be active within organization and community activities and events;
c. Encouraging prospective members to join the organization; and
d. Encouraging prospective partners and sponsors to fund projects and activities of the organization.



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