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LLALV “Nuestro Futuro” Scholarships History

Nuestro Futuro” was founded in 2005 by LLALV, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. The program awards $500 college scholarships annually; the number of awards depends upon the fundraising efforts of LLALV. Eligible students must be of Latino background, from the Lehigh Valley, and pursuing a degree in an accredited institution. Applicants must demonstrate financial need, promising academic performance, involvement in school and community activities, and a personal recommendation.

Partner institutions commit some of their own scholarship funds to Latino students in “partnership” with the LLALV “Nuestro Futuro” program.  These scholarships are awarded by the colleges through their own financial aid process and announced at the annual June LLALV Scholarship Breakfast.

In 2012, the Latino Leadership Alliance Endowment awarded for the first time four scholarships in honor of Louis Ramos for his outstanding work with Latinos in the community.

Sponsor institutions provide funds directly to LLALV to award through our annual scholarship application process.  Sponsorship grants also help to support the operations of LLALV.

Quick Facts

  • The program awards $500 college scholarships annually.
  • Since 2005, LLA has awarded 445 scholarships to date to deserving students.
  • In partnerships with local colleges/universities and businesses, 30 scholarships totaling $41,100                            were awarded in 2016.

*********2021 SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM IS NOW OPEN************

Latino Leadership Alliance of the Lehigh Valley “Nuestro Futuro” Scholarship Program is now open.  Applications are available in both the English and Spanish languages.  Submission deadline date is June 04, 2021.

Please remember to complete your FAFSA Application



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